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The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018

On 1 October 2018, the new Regulations of activities involving animals came into force which changed the previous licensing regime for businesses involved in dog boarding which includes home boarding and day care. Anyone engaged in this activity must be licensed and it is against the law to operate such a business without a council license.

The benefits of having a dog

You can't beat the benefits of having a dog in your life
My wife and I have found that dog ownership is one of life’s most rewarding pleasures. We have done it several times and thoroughly enjoyed it. There is a lot of fun and satisfaction to be had in bringing up a dog from a puppy.

The fact that you take your dog for regular walks encourages you to be healthier. Pet passports allow you take your dog abroad and well-trained dogs are welcomed in a lot more pubs and hotels in the UK than they used to be, which means that you can go out for a drink or a meal and take your dog with you rather than leaving it at home.

Health Benefits of having a dog
Owning a dog has many benefits some of which are fairly obvious.
- Daily exercise leads to a healthier lifestyle and improves your fitnesss
- Social interaction with other dog owners.
- Improved well-being and quality of life.
- Companionship
- Therapeutic
- Group walks with other dog owners
It is recommended that you exercise daily in order to keep your heart healthy. Walking on a treadmill in the gym is one way but more enjoyable is taking your dog for a walk in the countryside or an open space where they can sniff, run around and generally behave as dogs do. Since I retired from the Fintech Industry and been involved with running our dog care business, I have felt much fitter by walking the dogs two or three times a day.

Emotional benefits of having a dog
Our dog Cassie is treated as a member of the family. We treat her with great affection and her reciprocation is to show us affection as well. She loves children and loves laying on her back for children to stroke her tummy.  It is almost impossible to avoid emotional contact with your dog and seeing your dog living a happy life makes you feel happy as well.
If you are a single person living on your own, then I would recommend that you seriously investigate owning a dog. Not only will it get you out and about but fellow dog owners out walking their dogs are likely to stop and pass the time of day with you. Thus, giving you some social intercourse that may be lacking in your life.

Benefits of having your dog neutered
The last thing you want is an unexpected litter of puppies or a dog that is always chasing female dogs and cocking his leg everywhere. If you have your bitch spayed it is likely she will live a longer and healthier life. The risk of uterine infections and breast tumours are also reduced.
Having your male dog neutered reduces the risk of testicular and prostrate problems, helps prevents roaming and reduces aggression.
All the dogs that we look after are neutered and we do not have any behavioural problems with these dogs. Generally speaking it is recommended that your dog is neutered when they are between 6 - 9 months old.

Dog care professionals make it easy for you to own a dog if you work all day
A lot of people are put off owning a dog because they do not want to leave it alone when they go to work, which is understandable. However, this really shouldn’t be a problem given the number of canine care professionals running businesses to help people in this situation.
From visiting your dog, walking it and making sure that it is OK to providing day care while you are at work.

Finally, I would just like to say that over the years that we have had dogs, we have had great fun, joy and priceless moments that we will treasure for as long as we live.

Benefits of having a dog for a child
  • Bereavement. When a pet passes away, they will experience and learn about the grieving process.
  • Respect. Requiring gentle touching and learning about boundaries when the pet is eating and sleeping will develop respect for others in young children, which is a difficult skill to learn at a young age.
  • Self-esteem. When pets show unconditional love, it boosts a child’s self-esteem. Being responsible also develops self-esteem in young children.
  • Loyalty. Pets are very loyal and a good example of how to treat others that are important to the child and family.
  • Physical activity. Walking and throwing a ball is great exercise.
  • Patience. Sometimes bonding with a pet takes time, as well as teaching tricks and learning good behavior.
  • Social Skills. Pets are great in helping “break the ice.” On outings, dogs encourage conversations with others and will improve a child’s social skills.
  • Motivation. Because of all the skills pet ownership provides, young children have a reduced risk of allergies and better grades at school because kids develop internal motivation while caring for their animals.
  • Empathy. Children growing up with a pet do so with more empathy towards animals and more empathy in general
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