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The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018

On 1 October 2018, the new Regulations of activities involving animals came into force which changed the previous licensing regime for businesses involved in dog boarding which includes home boarding and day care. Anyone engaged in this activity must be licensed and it is against the law to operate such a business without a council license.

Tips on Dog Training - How to Stop Pulling On the Lead

One of things I like about dog ownership is being able to train and bring up my dog to be a loving member of the family. In doing so forming a wonderful bond together and despite correcting the odd behaviour glitch during puppyhood the overall experience has been nothing but pure joy. However, not all puppy training goes according to plan and sometimes you find that you have no option but to seek professional help.
This may be to overcome excessive barking, destructiveness and general behavioural issues that take away the normal pleasures that you want to enjoy through dog ownership. If you find yourself in that position then you can find a dog trainer on our website by going to https://pawsensation.co.uk/find-dog-training-near-me.html
One of the most common problems is stopping your dog pulling when on the lead. This video from Nigel Reed shows you how to overcome this problem.
Nigel Reed - The Dog Guardian
Lead training
What are the benefits of training my dog?
There are some basics that you should teach your dog so that they have acceptable behaviour which will only enhance the pleasure of dog ownership. These relate to your dog’s obedience and enables them to sit, wait, come back when called and not to jump up at people. Once you have mastered these then in a safe environment you will be able to walk your dog off its lead so that it can sniff, explore and run around which dogs love to do. A regular training regime also helps to stop your dog from being bored.
How do dogs learn?
I trained my dog using the reward based method. Every time she behaved in the desired manner, she was given a treat. Dogs are very intelligent and they soon learn that by repeating a behaviour they get rewarded. It’s also fun for the dog. Every evening before I go to bed I go to the utility room to get a treat. Cassie is right behind me. I simply say bed and she runs to her bed and then she gets the treat. It’s a kind of ritual but the principle is the same for any behaviour that you want your dog to do.
Top training tips
If you are going to do some training, choose a quiet room and away from any distractions.
Do the training in bite size chunks so that your dog doesn’t have to take in too much and could become overwhelmed.
You must be patient as like humans dogs learn at different rates. Don’t worry if your dog doesn’t pick things up the first time. Simply persevere.
Finish the session with something that your dog knows and understands and so the session ends on a positive note.
Most importantly have fun.

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